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   Work by Narupai Asksonmee I'm interested in Video game, Book, Films and nerdy stuff. Work by passion along original soundtrack and sound design. More experience in video game industry and TV advertisement and include short films. 

   In many interests around art and creative and let explore more about media field to understand in various process and useful for audio production idea. 

Recent works and experiences (Selected)      


Hypersonic 4 game original soundtrack                                            [PC game. Game, crafter team]

Smash Cat game original soundtrack                                                [PC game. Game, crafter team]

Swap Cat game original soundtrack                                                  [Mobile game iOS, Decho tech]

Subway: How to order? Infographic music                                       [Maccann world group Thailand]

C-home presentation music scoring                                                 [Silhouette Production]

SET. MRT TV advertisement                                                              [Silhouette Production]
G.O.D. original soundtrack                                                               [Mobile game. MSeed Asia Co.,Ltd]
Peach airline short film. (Okinawa love)                                           [mad Arai-D Co.,Ltd]

Project Nimbus game original soundtrack                                     [PC game. Game, crafter team]

Heroes Guardian game original soundtrack                                  [ios/android game, teapot studio co. ltd]

Prototype 0 game original soundtrack                                                [ios game, Specter Research Institute                                                                                                                    (Singapore)]

When I fall in Death, Short animation music scoring                        [Animation by HappyyLuzylouiz]

“Lumpini man”, Summer dress band album remix track                 [Panda records]

Dentiste “Kissing silhouette memory” music theme                        [ipulse Co.,Ltd]

Cellox info-animation music scoring                                                  [Liffolab Co.,Ltd]

TVC music score, Stock Exchange of Thailand                                 [Silhouette Production]
BaxRumble game music and sound design                                     [Liffolab Co.,Ltd]
“Let me sea” Exhibition ambient and sound design                      [Silpakorn university art gallery.]
C-pac “Larn plern” VDO presentation music scoring                     [Silhouette Production]
Thai bev “Winter happiness” VDO presentation music scoring    [Silhouette Production]

Joe-luise pupet master theater TV promotion music                      [Silhouette Production]
“Haunted city” China drama series music scoring                          [mad Arai-D Co.,Ltd]
Magic tome original soundtrack (China)                                          [Playulti (On process)]
Thai Casino “Kheang card” app voice over                                     [JoyOurs (Shenzhen, Chaina) ]
Thai Casino “Pok card” app voice over                                             [JoyOurs (Shenzhen, Chaina)]

Invictus                                                                                                 [True Axion]

Fin world (Sound producer)                                                                  [Efun, Hongkong]

M.A.S.S. Builder                                                                                      [Vermillion Digital]





Ethno-Musicology · Graduate School, Silpakorn University

Faculty of Music · Silpakorn University



Base in Bangkok, Thailand.

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